[Request] Wilmington - WIL

Could you please add WIL - Wilmington

I have looked across all requests and couldn’t find another thread.

Hi @Aprabhu

Everyone can request the stocks & ETFs that they’d like Freetrade to add to our Stock Universe (so that you can invest in them), by creating a new topic for their stock in this category.

Feel free to discuss the reasons why you’re interested in a particular company in these threads too. But keep the investing chat guidelines in mind of course :wink:

Please follow this template for these topics:

  • An image of the company’s logo
  • Topic’s title is the brand name, a ‘-’ & the stock ticker symbol e.g. Apple - AAPL
  • Include a short description of the company
  • A link to the company’s Wikipedia page
  • A link to the company’s page on Google Finance (these are tricky to find search for “[company name] Google Finance” on Google, then copy the URL from there (the green link)

Not sure why this info is required when the stock should have been there to invest in the first place ? If you can provide a bit more context as to why this is required happy to include

It’s because you will need votes from the community to get it added. There are lots of stock requests and the team have to prioritise the most popular ones. The more info you provide the more likely you are to get votes. Also the team need to make sure it’s the correct stock, a name is not always enough.



Wilmington plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which is a provider of data, information, education and training in the global Governance, Risk and Compliance markets

Can’t find a Wikipedia page

Google finance link

Thanks for clarifying - requested information added

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