[Request] WisdomTree S&P 500 3X Daily Leveraged UCITS ETF (3USL)

WISDOMTREE S&P 500 3X DAILY LEVERAGED (3USL)kid—wisdomtree-sp-500-3x-daily-leveraged—3usl—en.pdf (116.1 KB)

Yes! And also some of the Leveraged single stocks from Leverage Shares.

Would be interesting to know if Freetrade are revisiting these at some point. I understand that they were not keen to promote leveraged investing as they seek to encourage long term sensible investing (too right). But I do wonder if they could add these with a risk warning attached via pop up or something along those lines.

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I assume this can be used as a 3LUS request also? Assume most people would prefer sterling to avoid FX.

I’d imagine due to the levaraged nature of this asset, it’d be unwise to hold overnight.

I’m afraid that from inception the Freetrade founders said that they’re not offering leverage / levered assets