Triple leveraged etfs

would be cool to have some of those

Do you mind sharing a couple of specific ETFs for people to vote on?

These would make a good starting place


3USL - 3X S&P

3USS - 3X S&P short

XT2D 2x S&P inverse

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Do these all have KIIDs?

DWS_KID_LU0411078552_GB_en_2020-02-18.pdf (145.9 KB) DWS_KID_LU0411078636_GB_en_2020-02-18.pdf (149.0 KB) kid—wisdomtree-sp-500-3x-daily-short—3uss—en.pdf (116.3 KB) kid—wisdomtree-sp-500-3x-daily-leveraged—3usl—en.pdf (116.1 KB)

Okay great, I was just checking. It is really best if you make an individual topic for each ETF as Freetrade are only going to be able to add them based on demand for specific ETFs + enough liquidity to support trading them.

just created them!

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I’m sorry but this is a terrible idea. Freetrade should be about investing and building wealth over time, not day trading and gambling.

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I wouldn’t be opposed to leveraged ETFs, but I think maybe they should be walled off somehow in an advanced area, where you have to acknowledge the risks before you can invest.

I know they don’t carry the risk of losing more than you invest like some leveraged instruments, but there is still a greater risk than ordinary non leveraged investments and they are definitely not recommended as a long term investment

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Can we also have these added? They’re like leveraged ETFs, but on single stocks:

  1. 2x Tesla ETP / Ticker: 2TSL / ISIN: IE00BK5BZY66
  2. -1x Tesla ETP / Ticker: STSL / ISIN: IE00BKT6ZH01
  3. 2x Amazon ETP / Ticker: 2AMZ / ISIN: IE00BF03XH11
  4. 3x Amazon ETP / Ticker: 3AMZ / ISIN: IE00BK5BZQ82

FNGU please

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