[Requests] African ETFs

There aren’t many easy ways to gain exposure to Africa, however there are three ETFs that could fit this criteria.

AFK - VanEck Vectors Africa Index ETF
NGE - Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF
EZA - iShares MSCI South Africa ETF

It would be great to have these on the platform, even with a plus subscription.

To be honest, you’d do your cause more good by filling out the form for each ETF. Though :freetrade: staff check this, the form helps them keep requests central and up to data.

Additionally, submitting multiple things in one forum post isn’t necessarily helpful. People get to vote on them to show an indication of whether people want a given thing. Some people might want the VanEck one, but not the iShares ETF you’ve mentioned. Again, though, this isn’t as useful to :freetrade: as submitting a request for each stock or ETF via the form. Posts like this get looked at and forgotten. The requests they get are centrally located and easy for them to access.

I believe this part of the forum still exists because they use an off-the-shelf solution, but I could be wrong. Either way, it’s no longer their preferred way for making a request.

Thanks for the info.

New here so just made a quick submission. Not sure how I missed the pinned post but thank you for bringing my attention to the forms.

Any eta on africa etfs or sfocks?