ETF’s with Exposure to Africa (AFK & GAF)

Was watching a Gary Vee video earlier and he mentioned that western Europe as a superpower is done.

He mentioned that along with Asia (Especially China) and the USA, that Africa will be the next major power when it comes to Investments going into the next decade.

I have read a few snippets now about the emergence of Africa, and would love to be able to take advantage of this specifically.

Two ETF’s of note are tickers - AFK & GAF

I agree with the importance of exposure to Africa but this guy is a moron…

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Both US ETFs
Both therefore not for sale into Europe
If you scan them iShares, Lyxor, WisdomTree websites (uk versions) you’ll find some ‘vague’ approximations. Though liquidity is thin and that again will limit FTs ability to offer them (though the new platform may solve this longer term)

I honestly do not agree with this narrative. Any data to back this claim? Developing Continent like Africa where we talk about the idea of leapfrogging.

This idea of leapfrogging in technology is a myth, it doesn’t really work. For you to have a high tech infrastructure you have to need the intermediates, roads, clean water, healthcare. You can’t skip over those, they all need to be built out in order to have that prosperity at the end.