Revolut Wealth

There are also a few drawbacks to Revolut’s approach:

  1. They will likely suffer from feature creep. If they keep adding stuff in their app they’ll start having discoverability issues. If users have to choose from dozens of unrelated features (including airport lounge passes and insurance), the likelihood that they adopt all of them decreases.

  2. They won’t be able to offer a world-class experience for their investing product if it’s hidden in the last section of the app. There is value to a truly focused product, especially one that helps you manage your investable assets. Will they be able to create an experience like Freetrade’s Discover tab? If so how? By nesting it in a sub-menu?
    Revolut is really facing an interface problem, and if they decide to spin it off in a new app, then leveraging their existing customer base will be more difficult (reluctance to download + adopt a new app).