[Crowdfunding 🔨] Evarvest

There is also a new app coming to Europe and crowdfunding soon… https://www.evarvest.com/

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Boring. They are jumping on the bandwagon without having anything new. Just with mint as the app colour


If it works it works, looks like they are targeting other Europe countries first though and UK will be a second release. Which could be one of the reasons FT are prioritising Europe releases…

Looks like they are targeting some interesting exchanges too like South Africa which would make it tempting

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Mint is so yesterday.


Yeah but once the new investment platform launches then that will be possible with Freetrade theoretically

I thought neon mint was the future?


The Chip savings app is the only mint allowed in my life (phone)!:iphone:

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I like how they plan to launch in “Europe” then the “UK” like we’ve Brexit-ed :joy:


Looked into it a bit, it kinda looks like they’ve been looking at this forum at some of the ideas we want freetrade to be in the future

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Oh boy, do I miss a waiting list


Hi Emma,

What is the new investment platform? I’ve seen a few people referencing this on the forum, but I can’t find any info about a new Freetrade platform.


Basically they’re building their own platform which is designed to do everything they want as well as putting your bins out (maybe not, but it seems it will be able to do so much that it’s a possibility :grin:)

This from the crowdfunding announcement blog

If you’ve looked at our roadmap recently, you’ll also have noticed one prominent item is our own investment platform. This is a unique technological and operational project. It will bring a huge amount of the intricate, decentralised processes and data streams of stock market investing into one modern, in-house platform.

As well as aiding many of the features above, this will dramatically drive down our costs and give us way more adaptability and freedom as a business.


8000 stocks at launch is quite compelling.

Just hope The Investment Platform that @Rat_au_van referred to comes sooner.

You’ve gotta keep the faith :sunglasses:


Im on the waiting list! Along with 20,000 other people but 8000 stock choices sounds good to me. Will be keeping my Freetrade aswell though

I think the investment platform will be a game-changer for FreeTrade and am not sure in how far EvarVest have something similar.

However, their app seems more developed with more functionality and my biggest gripe with FreeTrade is that it only has 250 stocks. I see lots of interesting ones I’d go for, but cannot service them through FreeTrade.

I do seriously hope they massively accelerate onboarding of new stocks as the current drip feed isn’t good enough.


I know freetrade had to prioritise resource, but I wish they had managed maintain the drip feed of stocks alongside creating the new platform. Having new stock every week or two was tangible progress for users. Finishing the FT350 would have been nice.

I’m sure the new platform will pay off. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.


I think FT mentioned they’d add 3,000 or so stocks straight away once the platform is running, with more coming later on in the year.

Sounds like Evravest are plugging into another broker to suddenly get access to that many exchanges, so I’d expect pricing to be higher as there’s a middleman involved and they’d have lower scope to innovate going forward.


Crowdfunding soon on Seedrs. Will be interesting to see how that pans out.

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