DST Global

Hi All,

Appreciate Freetrade may not want to discuss details of investors if they are private, but I notice with a lot of the fintech that’s coming out of Europe (And US ala Robinhood), DST global have been active investors and have been pretty good at getting in on Unicorns at ground level (think Revolut, Robinhood).

I wonder if they have shown any interest in Freetrade?

I think Freetrade is too early in the process for DST Global. They’re a later stage VC and I think they made Revolut a :unicorn:

I would be surprised if Freetrade hasn’t had interest from other VCs already.

On the other hand there was a story recently where Robinhood said they were rejected by a whole lot of investors early on.


Yeah, they made a big investment in Revolut in the last round

@adam is writing a blog post on how we think about VC investment.