Is the Freetrade community now the go to forum for all things markets and fintech

I can see it becoming that, at least in the UK. The community is already pretty lively.


Not at all. It’s for freetrade and many discussions are banned (e.g. suggesting specific ETFs)
Reddit / MSE


You mean investment advice? Well obviously that’s not allowed

Also mentioning alternatives to FT. So basically no, it’s not a place for open discussion when compared to Reddit/MSE & won’t replace it as the “go to” forum unless specifically focused on FT

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We don’t have a problem with people mentioning alternatives to Freetrade here :slight_smile: You can find a lot of examples of people doing that if you search the site.


Just to give a few examples (there are more if you try to dig in - Vanguard/Halifax/iWeb/etc):

Ninety Nine

In fact, you would even struggle to find the last two discussed elsewhere (even Reddit/MSE).

The only thing you can see removed is the posts similar to “Buy X because it is undervalued. I said so.”


Yeah I don’t think that’s fair at all. You’ll find a lot of the freetrade guys engaged in conversations about other products, some of which they use, some of which they have invested in. Generally speaking, I find this an interesting, engaging and impartial forum with a lot of insight.


I haven’t had any of my posts or threads deleted or locked thus far, seems like a fairly free forum to me.


Checkout a discord that a few of us use as well (unofficial):

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The community is on the homescreen of my phone - and not only for work reasons. I love it. :purple_heart: I learn a lot about how others think about the markets, and I often hear about new crowdfunding companies here. I enjoy the diversity of the threads. My recent favourite thread is the side hustles one.

Thanks for making it what it is. :pray:


@Viktor don’t go soft on us… you are not a :snowflake:!


The side hustle one is great. Thanks to that I earned £30 (from Coinbase learning) during an otherwise boring train journey home from work last week.


I read this forum now even more then any other. Though quite often I am not logged in.

Still have not actually got around to investing any money yet, a combination of not having enough time and also a very expensive trip to the dentist in April has put me back.

Will start dripping little amounts in soon.

I also love the saturday read feature.

I have been on other fintech forums and I am not looking to anger others but this site seems the best, the ethos seems more about helping people take control of their own destiny compared to other companies who seem purely to be about a business. Not to say that I dont think freetrade will be successful because I do.

My experience people and companies that set out to really innovate for reasons like improving things for people tend to do better in the long run.