[Crowdfunding 🔨] Evarvest

I’d take these extraordinarily bold expansionary statements with an equally gigantic pinch of salt.

Expanding into different regions is super difficult considering the different languages and financial regulations, especially for a wee startup. Easily said and imagined by wide-eyed founders, but much harder to execute.

Without reading their literature or going into their website, I suspect they will start in an English speaking country (UK) and will stay there for a while before making an expansionary plans.

Furthermore, expanding into a new geographic region too quickly to pursue growth can be a painful and expensive exercise. Look at Purplebricks.


When you strip away the mights and might-nots, this is great for us as consumers. Right now Freetrade are the only tangible option for free investing, but within a year we’ll see more entries into the market and the competition to provide the best service is only a win-win for us consumers :slight_smile:


Trading 212 is another option currently available.

Exactly, and they look quite lucrative - wider range of instruments, same zero-fee approach (apart from 5EUR to withdraw to a bank account) and they have a web interface.

This is the sort of thing I mean, if a few more players enter the market with similar features (maybe even more) then we all benefit.


Starling’s teal colour had a hard time to grow on me lol…

Got this through today - ‘a play money only beta version’ :thinking:


Community has been set up and has many screenshot of the app included…

Evarvest Community

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It’s not discourse :scream:

That’s not how you Fintech


Lol… Yeah that was my first thought too! Maybe they are trying to disrupt the disruptors!

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Had a quick look, some interesting points

  • Instant trades are 75p
  • Batched trades happen at market open
  • They won’t pay Stamp Duty but will pay other similar fees, source
  • Their revenue will come from FX, Instant Trades, and a small commission for non US stocks. source
  • First places they’ll launch are the UK, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal and Poland!
  • They are doing a webinar on May 14th with their founder Stephanie Brennan
  • Social will be a big part of their product, follow friends, Spotify-esque playlists.
  • The discussions package they are using is called MyTalk.io

Want to know what Catherine has done to be demoted down the leaderboard despite the fact she’s level with Herbert

Don’t think I’ve seen them mention investing yet, it’s all trading

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Looks like paid for advertising on Facebook in the run up to their Seedrs round…

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So EvarVEST is for trading and FreeTRADE is for investing


Hail oxymorons! :smile:


I don’t quite understand this idea of ‘Playlists’ - is to share my buys/sells with friends? Or create a list of automated actions that flw on from one another?

I read it as basically a filter. So you’ll get a popular playlist, a tech playlist etc

So a list of stocks that I should buy if I’m interested in “Fintech” (for example?)

That’s what I think anyway. Same as Spotify have your daily mix lists or similar to what you’ve listened to lists. Hopefully it will have some diversification in there though

Exactly what I thought… Why didn’t they use discourse.

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Maybe they had a coupon :grin:

It has different features to discourse, a more Facebooky profile section for a start. I’d like to see what tools the admin/mod dashboard has compared to discourse