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Doesn’t seem wise!

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The saddest thing about this incident is that what Rio Tinto did was completely legal.

Rio Tinto are going to be at it again.

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I have Rio Tinto and BHP in my portfolio😄


Big pay out due

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Impressive report


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Looking forward to watching this. I know there was news of a GFG dispute settlement earlier on, but is there any other reasons for the dip so far today?

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I’ve been looking but I can’t see anything to explain it.

Don’t bother trying to understand price movements. News are usually made up after a move in the price to try to explain it even though there is no newsworthy explanation. Humans just can’t accept not knowing why something is happening, so they make up their own reasons.
Prices just move, you can’t forecast or understand short term movements. Save yourselves a lot of time and just ignore it :wink:


Thanks Seb - I’ll put it down to the joys of investing then haha.

This probably isn’t helping

China policy changes likely had huge effect on stock price.

The Chinese CCP announced in July 2021 that they will significantly reduce reliance on imported iron ore, and increase domestic iron ore mining supplies, and invest in Chinese owned overseas mining companies. RIO exported most of their Australian mined iron ore to China.

Their price also dropped because te ex-dic date on the 12th Aug 2021, but this doesn’t account for the significant drop even before the Ex-div date, and the further fall.

Et voila!


Another possibility is the mine strike and mismanagement in Mongolia reported below by amongst other outlets:

A positive note is RIO entered into a partnership to vaccinate their FIFO staff in WA, and the surrounding mine communities.

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The dividend pay-out will have also been taken into account lowering the price. Typically a dividend pay-out sees a like for like drop by the same amount in the share price.


unlike others, I sold all my RIO and BHP shares yesterday and I lost about £350 during the sale and all the dividends I could have got. I see RIO are back up again today. I have been buying high and fear selling across on all of my stocks. I cannot cope with this.

I lost a lot more on other stocks held here and have wiped out £1000s, and to tub salt into the wound not even FT profited from it. I simply cannot stomach investing like this anymore. I have lost plenty with this app. It’s not investing, but a game in the guise of investing but stuffed with incentives to trade instead of investing long term. Arguably I could buy, uninstall, and walk away and never check again, but it take 3 mins to install and log in each time.

The difference with HL and FT is that HL is difficult to place an order, and when I do for some reason I never look back. I check in biannually to see what’s happening.

But with FT it is the opposite. I check hourly. It is like gambling and encourages some people to act irresponsibly. I hope that some re. It’s obsessive and emotionally destabilizing, and eating up my life; A life that does not have much left to live in terms of years.

I am slowly selling off my positions and hopefully will put this into index funds back with HL, and eventually close down FT.

I have good index funds that have served me well for decades with HL. I want to live instead of being tethered to a smartphone checking FT every waking hour. From an engagement angle, FT is just another SnapChat Instagram Facebook app.

FT is an excellent platform & I admire what they have done. They should go far, and I wish them well with their launches and success.


I’d just work on my patience. Nothing to do with freetrade. I barely log in and almost exclusively invest in ETFs. Not paying insane amounts for a service doesn’t make it gambling.
It’s hard, I know. Especially when you’re not experienced at not-checking. But the issue is in front of the screen, not in the app.


It’s not patience.
It is fear.