Robinhood Markets Inc - HOOD

Gawd bless founder-weighted dual-class share structures!


May U have the best cake day so far :birthday:

Send us a slice

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I didn’t notice that! That’s @Raul any excuse for cake!

The company also dropped its earnings report for the second quarter, which showed a decline in monthly active users and assets under custody.

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This isn’t a good look either:

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This is probably a worse look

Robinhood, a major US commission-free stock trading and investing app, on Friday launched the Robinhood Investor Index to track the top 100 stocks its users are investing in.

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They stole my idea, I was going to call it a “ME-tf”

What’s that you like a ETF but don’t want to pay for some to balance it for you, no problem just copy them!

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Surely that’s just the ‘social follow trading’ thing BOTs & etoro advertised?

Which means if you have an ‘influencer’ with lots of followers buy a stock cheaply,. All the followers buy driving it up, the influencer then sells

It’s like an automated pump and dump

It’s seems that Citadel, the trading partner of Robinhood is not really suffering any financial impact from the outrage of the meme stock community about Payment for Order Flow.

They just reported a $16bn annual profit.

Again it seems that Wall Street trashed Main Street