Robinhood - plans to go public

Robinhood is preparing to go public. “Not in the immediate term, but it’s something we’re thinking about very much in the future,” CEO Baiju Bhatt told the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. The zero-fee trading app, which rolled out about three years ago, surpassed rival E-Trade Financial (NASDAQ:ETFC) in May and has a total of 5M brokerage accounts.


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Some more information:

Surprised they hadn’t recruited a CFO by this stage.


Thanks. Valuation 5 B + , wonder how long it will take Freetrade to get a million users registered.

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Guessing next year. Freetrade have some very talented people on the case :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to seeing Robinhood’s ultimate valuation when they float.


I wonder what valuation Freetrade will IPO at :eyes:

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There will be a few valuation metrics to measure freetrade against and this is great news for freetrade and its investors, including myself. Also, FT are heading to Europe/the EU. You don’t have to have the most cash and be first to do well in the market. You do have to scale Airbnb-style fast though if you want to become the de facto number 1 in my view. RH have taken too long to enter the UK—by the time they launch, plenty of existing old firms will have “good enough” mobile apps and fancy sites and continue ripping off clients.

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