Robinhood planning for IPO in early 2021

Valued at around 11.7B

Main VC invested: Sequoia, DST Global, Ribbit Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures and D1 Capital Partners


I guess the question is: is it good or bad for FreeTrade? thoughts?

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It’s excellent. Provides a valuation marker in the sand.

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Who knows they could be trying to acquire freetrade leading up to the process too


People from traditional brokers will be looking at this and become more aware of fee free brokers in Europe as a result. It would be better if Freetrade has launched in Europe by then, then it would take more advantage of this event.


Although comparisons between RH and FT are always going to happen it’s worth remembering that they are very different businesses.

There is almost no overlap in the way they make money. In fact RH clearly didn’t think they could make money in the UK yet (given the regulatory differences)

FT: FX + Freetrade+
RH: Margin and order flow


So true

56% more than HL current market cap as a long time ftse100 company.

Edit nope that’s in $. So about £9billion v hl 7.5billion


Here’s a prediction: If they list early next year they will be worth over $50bn by the end of 2021.

There is just so much money ready to pile into anything trendy, and 2021 is going to see a blow off top in fairyland stocks imho. Having a competitor worth $50bn+ won’t do Freetrade any harm at all.


I wouldn’t be shocked if Robinhood move to acquire a U.K. company.

T212 and Freetrade obvious choices.

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