Robo advisor on freetrade?

Just a thought, could this be possible and free on freetrade?

Think they’re thinking about this, titled ‘autopilot’. Search around on the forum to see more, am on mobile rn

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Hey, What’s that?


So it essentially would create a portfolio automatically for you

I thought the plan was for it to remain neutral? So it automated process but didn’t actually cross the boundary into advice

How would that work?

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From Adam in another thread:

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What’s the difference between autopilot and robo advisor. It sounds like the same thing with a different name

The difference is that you control the autopilot rather than be put into a pre selected bucket of funds. I’d Imagine you could set it to achieve whatever you liked e.g. 50% developed markets equity, 10% emerging markets equity and 40% bonds. It would buy/sell to keep you within your target much like a robo advisor does (for your level of chosen risk) but without the large fees…

(E.g. if dev markets went up to 55% of your portfolio and bonds down to 35% it could take the dev markets gain and invest it in Bonds to maintain your ratio and chosen risk level)


But isn’t a robo advisor with a little more control

They still advise/choose which bonds are bought and which developed market stocks are bought

Yes because they’re giving you a limited choice of options, by offering you investments that they’ve selected, you have less control.

So for example in Nutmeg (for my LISA) - I choose the risk level which they show the % of each
-Emerging Market Stock
-Developed Market Stock
That each risk level corresponds to

So what is the difference between either what you are offering and this or what you are offering and a normal FreeTrade account?

It seems like you need to either limit the choice (offering something similar to Nutmeg) or other lots of choice (what you do now)

We haven’t shared the details about how this’ll work yet so you’ll have to wait & see :wink:


I will be excited to see them soon then

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