Securities Lending Terms June Deadline

So the deadline for the securities lending is June which happens to be tomorrow. This is sort of a reminder of the deadline.

It’s also a oppurtunity for me to enquire whether you have signed yet, or not, or plan to?


I’ve agreed to the new terms quite a while ago :grinning:


I signed on the basis that the risk of loss from security lending is probably an order or two of magnitude lower than the risk of loss when I choose the wrong stock.

Yes, it adds risk that wasn’t there before. But I am confident that Freetrade will either share revenue from stock lending with lenders in future, or will provide something else that I value.


Where do you sign?

In the app. If you’ve not signed then there will be a yellow box below the graph. If you have signed then nothing else to do.

I say sign, it’s more agree to the new terms.

I`ve agreed the terms and cancelled my plus and just use ISA :100: :money_mouth_face:


None of my family have agreed to the new terms. Think we’ll try out Lightyear or Orca next time we want to buy something.

Lightyear is great and cheap for US stock. The app is so much better than freetrades.

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If the thread is account securities lending Lightyear use don’t have their own tech so instead use an API from Alpaca. I believe Alpaca will lend holdings in the same way Freetrade plan to and as Lightyear have no ISA you have no way of stopping this.

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Similar, although because I don’t have enough money per year to contribute to both an ISA and a GIA, I had planned to make the ISA my lion’s share anyway.

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