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I know share lending is coming to Freetrade, I haven’t accepted the agreement, may have to move somewhere else, is there any reason why there isn’t an opt out option? As someone who has invested through crowd cube, there is a change in tune when it came to us vs hedge funds etc.

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Hi @fardin100 , very long discussion about it here: We're updating our terms - Securities Lending - #559 by StevieG


You may be interested in this thread: We're updating our terms - Securities Lending

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The timestamps for our posts are 1647452106567 and 1647452108392 for yours and mine, respectively. You beat me to it by 1825ms :joy:


Thanks both @rod and @jbjb (@rod clearly beating you to the post here :wink:)

@fardin100 - it’s worth flagging up Adam’s post in that other thread alongside an answer Viktor gave. Please take a look through as a lot of questions have been asked. But if there’s anything else then jump in there.

To keep things on the same thread, I’ll close this one down :pray: