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If anyone’s interested there’s a good SEE group chat on Telegram. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it.

“Seeing machines share chat #SEE


Happy that SEE has become my second 100%’er :partying_face:


You love to SEE it!

I’ve been hovering around 99% and only briefly went up to 100% yesterday before going back to 99.

But I think I’ll slowly invest a little more so I don’t think I’ll be at 100% for too long unless it shoots up again!


Another strong day :muscle:


Worth noting that Seeing Machines are working with both Veoneer and Qualcomm to develop a premium and scalable driver monitoring system to be used broadly across the automotive industry.

There’s a Qualcomm event taking place today and tomorrow showcasing cutting-edge automotive tech, featuring Seeing Machines.

Industry analysts are of the opinion this company will keep growing until it gets bought out by a tech giant.


I’ve seen this event being talked about on the telegram group, sounds like it’s impressive the professionals so far. I’m just hoping for an RNS from see soon with some numbers on it!

Expect a big open tomorrow

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And an RNS


It seems Richard Griffiths of Morgan Stanley has has just bought in with millions of his own cash.

“Richard Griffiths is living proof that you don’t have to be a straight-A student to get on in life. He left school at 16 to work on the family’s sheep farm before meeting a greyhound trainer with City clients who would place huge bets on the dogs. He quickly gained an interest in shares, reading newspapers and educating himself in the ways of the market. His first investment – of £1,000 – in 1985 made an impressive £300 profit. He went on to take his stockbroker and investment bank business from a start-up to FTSE 250 member in five years. Today, as a fund manager, he has interests in 26 companies worth £256 million”


CEO Paul McGlone, and CFO Naomi Rule, will provide a live presentation relating to H1 FY2021 Results Presentation via the Investor Meet Company platform on 31st Mar 2021 at 8:00am BST.


Financial Highlights:

· Operational revenue of A$18.1m (H1 2020: A$15.8m) reflecting comparative growth of 15% on previous period. Underlying revenue growth using constant currencies is 19% year on year (exchange rate as at 1 July 2020).

o Aftermarket (Fleet and Off-Road) revenue grew by 17% to A$15m (H1 2020: A$12.9m)

o Annualised Recurring Revenues including royalties of A$15.5m, representing growth of 17.4% (H1 2020: A$13.2m)

o OEM (Automotive and Aviation) revenue of A$3.1m (H1 2020: A$2.97m), representing a 5% increase on previous period

· Net loss of A$16.8m, representing an improvement of 33% compared with the same period last year (H1 2020: A$24.9m)

· Cash at 31 December 2020 of A$52.3m (31 December 2019: A$47.4m)

· Range of cost-saving initiatives, introduced through height of COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in improved cost base management aimed at contributing to better operational performance and improved cash balance.

OEM Highlights:

· Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology now firmly established as fundamental to improved safety on roads, underpinned by regulation and standards, as well as to the increasingly smart vehicle interior for carmakers;

· The number of active automotive RFQs (Requests For Quotes) requesting DMS has increased accordingly across major automotive markets;

· Cadillac Escalade by General Motors, is now available on roads with Driver Attention System featuring Seeing Machines technology, bringing total current production vehicles to five, aross three OEM programs;

· Automotive three-pillar embedded product strategy launched to support carmakers with a range of integration options for DMS;

· Seeing Machines now formally working with a range of semi-conductor companies including Qualcomm Technologies and Omnivision Technologies to extend the deliver of its DMS.

Aftermarket Highlights:

· Max Verberne appointed to lead the Aftermarket business, bringing a wealth of industry understanding having led telematics businesses for over ten years including with Radius Telematics Australia and Ctrack by Inseego, and has previously managed divisions and channels for Siemens across Australia and New Zealand;

· Business continues to grow despite challenging global conditions as Guardian hardware sales remain consistent with ongoing momentum around safety technology in commercial transport and logistics, and installation rates in Southern Hemisphere, accelerate;

· Guardian connections as at 31 December 2020 of 26,597 represents growth in installed base of over 3,000 units in the six months prior, contributing to unrivalled set of naturalistic driving data which now exceeds 6.3 billion kilometres and underpins ongoing development of the Company’s DMS platform technology.

Investment Highlights:

· Investment by leading US based insititutional investors has strengthened Seeing Machines’ balance sheet and positioned the Company to initiate a range of strategies to support incremental growth objectives across its key transport markets.


Seeing Machines continues to trade in line with expectations for FY2021.

Guardian connections are expected to accelerate as COVID-19 challenges subside with the global vaccine rollout and H2 2021 is expected to see an incremental growth in Aftermarket related revenue.

As the Company expects to be in production with existing OEM customers on more than 30 distinct car models within the next two calendar years, the current makeup of Automotive revenue is set to change from NRE (Non-Recurring Revenue) to signficantly higher margin based royalty revenue.

Paul McGlone, CEO of Seeing Machines commented: "The first half of FY2021 has been pleasing and we are buoyed by the progress in Fleet, as well as the significant increase in RFQ activity in Automotive across key markets as carmakers ready themselves for mounting safety standards and technology advances inside the cabin, all supported by camera-based DMS. We are now in production on five car models, working across three OEMs, and that is set to ramp up signficantly over the coming two years.

“Further, I’m delighted with the interest we are seeing from both UK and US based institutional investors, as DMS becomes more and more relevant across all key Seeing Machines transport sectors. We are now positioned to look beyond the near term and leverage our strengthened balance sheet to grow company opportunities across core markets.”


Thanks for posting this. This is one of my “buy and forget about it” stocks in my AwfulJustawful Bell LISA so I tend not to keep up news about the company.

Mainly “buy and forget” because my small LISA can’t really handle their exorbitant buy and sell fees! Eesh, I’d be a lot more diversified over there if it wasn’t for that.


Telegram group Telegram: Contact @seeingmachines

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Anyone know why we are tanking?

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What news do we have here? Anybody know?

Now not plus only if anyone wants to buy. Used to be 13p now heading below 5p.

I did that!

I’m down 59% :skull_and_crossbones::cow2::skull_and_crossbones:

trot trot trot


So YOU’RE the reason this is tanking. Hooves of doom!!