Sell limit order strategy

Whats everyones sell order stategy.

I have been selling 40 20 10 of holdings

I dont understand the question…but if you have time to give more details i would be interested to learn more.

My bad was just on a pit stop on way home :rofl: so thaught id ask. Whats everyones sell strategy i sell 40 percent of my stocks at a price im happy with then sell 20 percent at a higher price then so on

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Sounds too complicated for me :rofl:

My theory is buy long term… hold until you see a reason to sell…then sell all.

You must be too advanced … I’ll disappear back into the hedge (ala the Homer meme) :rofl:


I’ve been diversifying buying around £1000 of each stock. Once it’s up 10% or so I sell 70% of the holding.

The idea is to lock in around 1/3rd of profit effectively making me break even on the stock if a 33% drop were to happen, and continue diversifying.

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Your strategy on the face of it is sensible.
BUT not in the past 3 years.
A triple dip has to be taken advantage of.
As one lot of bargains start to close to a reasonable price sell and buy the latest bargains.
I am expecting or maybe just hoping there will be no fourth dip so am holding my present bargains long term…I think!.
IE 3i, HG capital. Murray International is not really a bargain but happy to hold as I think it’s strategy is ready to fly. I also see it as one to sell if a short term bargain appears . Then buy back.
3 shares in the debt direct lending sector. Which are on decent discounts and great dividends. And the market has paid no attention to the fact that there loans are linked to base rates. Major increases in dividends already. They are also covered by the £5,000 starter savings tax allowance. So no tax to pay either (for me)
One reit Civitas. Major discount & major dividend. Caused in the main by a read across from home reit.
Vietnam another long term as the economy continues to grow at 6% with Chinese businesses moving factories there to avoid US sanctions and lots of consumer/internal growth.
Mercadolibre if it fly’s I will be rich!
So moving to your strategy…near enough.