Several questions relating to isas

Android user here and really loving the app! I’m thinking of transferring my isa to you and have several questions relating to this. Firstly what would happen to my isa if FreeTrade closed? Would my money be kept in its tax wrapper until I am able to transfer out?

I’m also interested in what happens to my current stocks that i have purchased within FreeTrade? Can I keep the stocks I have purchased outside my isa within the freetrade app? Are these stocks separated within the app to show that they are not part of my isa? Or will I need to sell them?

And if i sell them does that mean i can essentially buy them back at the same price if I re-purchase them as soon as I sell them?



Yes. Yes. No. You can both have a basic general investment account (GIA) and an ISA account simultaneously. So you can switch views between them both in the app and keep your stocks separate as you please.

Thanks for the help! I did have a look for isa specific info but only found normal accounts,i guess its probably to do with isas being relatively new to the app, and im guessing a bed and isa strategy should work for free trade the same as any other platform seeing as how instant purchases are possible?

Thanks again.

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