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I am Investor and Shareholder in Freetrade…Was looking at Freetrade Limited App yesterday and didn’t like the way you have describe BT as ‘slow internet’ company…We know BT has one of the fastest broadband and have EE and Plusnet as subsidiaries with consistent fastest speed across UK…I dont like your way of defaming BT like this knowingly and unknowingly and would request to change it asap plz… Thanksimage


Disagree, I think it’s funny. I vote to keep it as it is.


I think it’s fun as long as there is no legal pursuit


There was a long thread about this and in the end people voted to keep it.

I recently found out BT is the most complained about service in the UK!

“Slow” internet can be subjective :joy:. In other words “slow” in comparison to what ? We can say in comparison to real Fibre optic installation per house, which at the moment is not offered yet (except if I missed it :grimacing:). So I vote to leave description as is, too!

I totally agree, I’ve never liked these ‘jokey’ descriptions and make the company look a little unprofessional.


I think its not about the service you got… I have BT internet in my home at 80Mb speed and never faced any issues…I think rather than taking our poll, freetrade should handle it professionally, this is public platform and not a joke app…This will be my request to them… EE has been rated number one Mobile Internet provider and BT serves so many remote areas of UK due to govt regulations where others doesnt serve because of sheer complexities…


I agree with you, but I think you’re wasting your effort. This was discussed at length on here and I believe raised at a meetup (could be misremembering that) and the eventual conclusion was to keep the description as written.

It’s easy to be biased in favour of a business when you’re employed by it and a shareholder of it.

On Netflix’s ISP tests BT is beaten by Virgin, and its subsidiaries are beaten by Vodafone and TalkTalk. BT also has more complaints per 100,00 users than any other ISP according to Ofcom.


Hahaha keep that. Fair play to whoever coined that phrase for the app

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Someone’s upset because they obviously work for BT :joy:

It’s just a bit of light hearted fun. Do you really think a ‘real’ investor would be put off by a two word description?


I don’t think any investor would ever be put off by it, its more the fact it looks unprofessional in my view.
Imagine if Hargreaves Lansdown were calling Freetrade the ‘amateur broker’, or just had the app labelled as ‘useless graphs’. Would you still see that as being light-hearted fun?


I have to agree with the OP that this does look unprofessional. Light-hearted descriptions are one thing but I think this one goes too far.


Based on my recent personal experience, please can we change it to ‘Overpriced internet’


I am just curious how much you pay for high speed broadband in UK?

I pay £26pm for 200mb fibre broadband with Virgin.

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Are you actually getting 200 down though?

Wired, yep. WiFi, not quite but nearly.

400 down 30 up KCOM.

£50 a month.

Do you have some kind of promotional rate? Or is that somewhere outside the UK? :sweat_smile: