Freetrade Plus

Have opened a SIPP and ISA only to realise there’s no live chat. Correspondence is taking hours literally!! I get why as it keep the cost down but I’d rather pay a little more and get real time support from other providers. Does their plus account actually give that or is it still offline albeit slightly quicker than a few hours.


Online/in app but slightly quicker :+1:


I don’t suppose it’s a queried the community could take a shot at is it?

TBH the comments are a bit of a mixed bag about customer service and it is not FTs strongest point by a long way but it is quicker with Plus. I would of said much quicker but some post that they do actually respond quicker than the estimate. Others say the opposite but I am Plus so couldn’t say other than it is quicker. :+1:

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but it’s not live right? If not, roughly how quick is the response? Within 5/15/30/1hr !?

It is called live chat but in reality it takes a few mins and then often the person disappears and comes back with an answer pretty quickly. At least that is how I experienced it when I have used it. Answers to problem have ranged from 2mins -2 days but the initial response very quick.

ok thanks Big-g. I dont mind that. If they claim to be live and it mainly is; that’s fine.

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Since I opened my SIPP and joined Plus I found the chat to be super fast.