Should Freetrade use only neutral descriptions of stocks?

(Emma) #41

Or Piers Morgan’s pasty shop?


That would trump any description I could have ever thought of.

Freetrade, please change it to @Rat_au_van suggestion. Even if it’s for one week.


Please keep the quirky descriptions. They give Freetrade personality.


I think quirky but neutral is the way to go

(Alex Sherwood) #45

There’s a 24 character limit on descriptions so this didn’t quite fit :pensive: but we couldn’t ignore this -

(Emma) #46

Although it’s been changed I’m still claiming this :grin:

Now how to phrase this on my CV… :thinking:


It would be good if Freetrade gave you a [fraction of a] share of any company whose description you provide.

(Except BT. Too dangerous.)

(Dave Smith) #48

While I still think company descriptions should be neutral, being Derogatory about Piers Morgan is fine

(Chris) #49

Should be encouraged and taught in schools.