Show actual timeframe when switching to Max on charts

Currently we have the options to view 1D, 7D, 1M, 1Y and MAX. When selecting MAX please display the number of months/years that this is presenting data for.

Probably the issue is that there is not just one max time frame (stocks are sometimes just a few months old) and they have uneven data, not sure how it would be best to represent this while still keeping the clean view. Are you suggesting change the label when you click on it to the time period (say 1.5Y), or never use Max and instead show the time period?

It would be nice if 7 days was a proper 7 days view as well, given it is just overly smoothed data from the monthly view at present.

I’d also like to see a lot more data on the Max view at least for mainstream stocks - if we’re investing for the long term it’s useful to see how long a stock has been around and what the levels have been over a long period of 10-20 years, not just 18 months or so at it appears to be at present.

I’m constantly frustrated by the max 10 year time horizon in stock apps at the moment, because it gives a hugely skewed view of stock markets, given the great crash just over 10 years ago - till a few months ago one might think there had never been anything but a bull market if looking at the 10 year time frame.

In the book Irrational Exuberance which I’m reading at the moment, the charts often go back to 1900! I feel it’d be no bad thing if investing apps had a bit more focus on the long term - at the very least it would make people think about whether this stock is going go to be around in 20 years.


Any long term charts on a small screen (like an iPhone 6 or SE) looks pretty ridiculous. You’d have to switch to a log chart to make any sense of things. E.g. in my screenshot with Amazon’s max price chart… Other than being an absolute beast and going from bottom left to top right, it tells me nothing. With that said, I think it’s a basic feature that’s required.

I think the Stock app on iPhones is quite good. All the basic time chart features and basic stats. These should be a minimum for Freetrade.


Sure a log option would be good. I don’t find the long term charts too bad on landscape on a phone, and it gives you some idea of what has happened to a stock over time (obviously for some it is hard as large movements obscure previous changes). Particularly at the moment even a 10Y view is not great and I do think a longer view imparts more information, for example see what happened to RBS in the last financial crisis (which is not visible on freetrade charts or anything under 11 years):

The iphone charts are quite nice, my frustrations with them are:

  • No percentage option on charts (freetrade does better here, though a toggle would be nice)
  • No log option - for long term views that’d be nice, though it does have its own problems.
  • They have some stats but could do better on that, many stats only relevant to traders like open high low, volume.

The only stats I’m interested in which they have are Mkt Cap, Yield, P/E - would prefer something more like CAPE than P/E though, I don’t find stats like open high low interesting personally… I think this is an area Freetrade could choose carefully and come up with some different stats on these stock info charts which are far more suited to investment than trading, both in terms of stats and in terms of charts.


Rather than changing the label I would just like it to show the timeframe for the data that’s being displayed when MAX is selected. For example if there is only 1.5 years of data then say somewhere on the chart 1.5 years, if there’s 15 years of data then say 15 years…


Yep sure, at the moment there is no scale on the charts, they could add one to address this but I think the original design is trying to avoid that if possible to keep them clean…

I do agree it would be helpful to indicate a timescale for max somehow, another solution would be to show standard time scales (up to 20Y), and ditch MAX (instead just show partial data for stocks which have a shorter life), that way all charts show the same set of values. They’d have to get better data though.

Yep - adding the standard timescales works for me too. Not having 5Y and 10Y is a little annoying.

To give some constructive feedback in my opinion the charts at Freetrade at the moment are useles.The first thing that needs to br done is to put the actual dates on the y-axis of the chart.Otherwise you just see some chart but have no clear idea of whats the time period , especially for the “max” chart.
Think it would be very easy to put the dates on the bottom of the chart and make it easier for people to read them.