Timeframes on Stock page chart

New version of the app shows some timeframes for the stock chart.

Release note and Intercom message

This is what it looks like

Good change that makes it clear what the “Max” option is showing.


Freetrade team, wouldn’t it also make sense to have YTD and 6M in there as well? Jumping from one month to one year seems a bit arbitrary without the incremental step.


+1 on the YTD

Additionally I think having a “Since [date]” for all the options besides “1D” would be clearer than “in the last x days” or “in the last year” messages.


This new feature is great. I agree a YTD option would also be good.



Great stuff FT, well done :+1:t3:

Is that only on IOS? I can’t see it on android. I updated to the last version.

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Seeing the same on Android so I’m guessing it is, unless it is a select few testers?

I think it’s only for the beta group at the moment. fingers crossed for general release soon :crossed_fingers:

edit: It’s live! Just update the app :smile:

Ive updated to the latest release (Android) not seeing this - should I be? (would make sense when a new feature like this is released to create a thread for all comments/feedback but with a ‘In Beta’ flag or something to make it clear to non Beta users that they wont be seeing this yet - otherwise there will be a flood of ‘should I have this?’ or ‘but I dont see this’ comments)

I am in beta group but cant see it

Still not showing in the Android Beta for me. Must be a slow rollout to select users.

These improvements are only out on the latest iOS version, 2.6.0 :apple: but next up is Android :robot:


I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to have some tick-marks on the X-axis.

It seems the current design is form over function.

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I’d really like to be able to see a 6 month chart and also a YTD chart. I got the notification in app but unable to see the charts in £ or % options. Please please please can we PLEASE get time frames on the chart as well? I can’t understand how or why that’s not been done. It seems like the most basic feature of every chart. To have a labelled X and Y axis. Other than that keep up the good work


I love that the percentage changes depending on the timeframe :heart_eyes: Can please bring this to the portfolio!


Absolutely, just adding ‘since dd/mm/yyyy’ text I would hope is just a workaround for the moment.

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Please include max. Nothing worse than when sites only go 5 years.