Show more than 6 stocks on the Portfolio page

Any reason why we are restricted to 6 investments being displayed on the main page? I know we can see them all by clicking ‘see all’ on the top right but only viewing six is kind of annoying, why not show at least 10 (or more, maybe even infinity scroll?) unless you plan to put something else below?? People don’t mind scrolling!

Yeah I noticed this other day

Guess it would get a little congested

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good idea, it feels awkward having to click on ‘see all’ to see your investments.

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I agree, simplicity is better, no need for an additional page.

Just noticed the “show more” has moved to the bottom of the portfolio screen.
I like the change, much more elegant than moving to a new screen.


Agreed, but at the end of the day there is nothing at the bottom of the screen, there’s literally no reason right now not to show all investments by default. It isn’t as if theres another content area below your investments.

The bottom of the screen normally has the scheduled basic trades, if you have any.


Ah yes, I would prefer to see that inline with your investments, so for instance it shows:

£BRKB - 12 Shares - 1 queued

And then you show the extra information at the bottom of the share information page where it shows your owned shares.

Just my 2 cents though :slight_smile:

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I don’t like that because I have to hit “see more” 5 times to get to the bottom of my portfolio, much preferred “see all”

I didn’t know that.
You have much more holdings than me - I can see all of mine with one tap :blush:

Diversification :wink:

I think the 6 items thing must be Freetrade nudging us to have portfolios with a smaller number of positions :wink: