Small cap stocks

Does anyone know the smallest market cap stocks on freetrade?

If there is a way of downloading the entire securities list, it would be a work of minutes, but there doesn’t seem to be. Would almost certainly be a UK one: £NSF is £115m, that’s off a quick run down the UK ones that I didn’t know off by heart.

This is a list of all of the available securities:

I think google sheets probably has a formula that you can input to get the market cap of each ticker.

Edit: Tried to add a market cap column, anyone know why this formula isn’t working:

The formula only works if I remove the char(34)&C18&char(34) cell reference and input the ticker "GOOGL".

Made a spreadsheet of the PE Ratio and Market Cap for the Freetrade universe, will be updating with ROIC, and other metrics in the coming week. Hope you find this useful.


I see the sheet owner is Viktor, so presumably this will be updated. Re the error, you’re over-complicating things. Argument 1 is a text field, so you don’t need to add quotes (CHAR 34). The formula is just =GOOGLEFINANCE(C18, “marketcap”).

Incidentally I have done a fair bit of work with GS and it has this annoying habit of creating a little table when you are retrieving historical data, for example, if you enter a simple formula in H34, you’d expect it to return the price there. But what you actually get is


and the result you want (in this case) is in I35. The way to get it to behave as you would expect is to use the SQL query mode, ie


I should also warn you that =GOOGLEFINANCE has lots of small niggles. Feel free to ask if stuck, I work with it all day.

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Note this list has the full stops after two-letter LSE tickers (ie BP. AO. etc.) These have to be removed to work with Google Finance. If the list also had the exchange for each instrument it would be better, so we don’t buy Tractor Supply (NYSE:TSCO) instead of Tesco (LON:TSCO). A great example is and JD Sports which are both in the FreeTrade Universe with the tickers $JD and £JD. In fact here’s a list of tickers you have to put LON: in front of. Col C is =GOOGLEFINANCE(B2) etc, Col D is as shown. I am guessing the tickers are used in the US for penny shares.

It would also be good if this list was confirmed as a definitive (updated) master list, so members can build their own Google Sheets around it. Members could build all kinds of sheets using the master instrument list.

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I tried this exact formula before as well, but it didn’t work?! Will have to try on my laptop again.

Works fine for me. Have you got the ticker name in C18 right? See my comments above on JD, TSCO etc. Here is NSF, the small-ish cap one I refer to.


and =GF returns it as a number as well, so no =VALUE required.

Thanks, mate. It’s working now, I think I was testing it with ticker SLXX, which doesn’t work for some reason, but most other one’s do.

Not sure why some don’t work, I tried adding "LON:"& as you’ve done above, but doesn’t fix it. Maybe Google finance just doesn’t have these tickers, I couldn’t find a list of all of them online.

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No, it’s that they don’t feed marketcap to GF. Try “price” as your parameter on SLXX and it works. Told you GF was flaky. The instrument does of course have a market cap, everything quoted on markets does. The m/cap is £1802.46m today.

If you just type SLXX into Google Search, the instrument comes up as first search item, but weirdly, none of the links take you to… You’ll see there the marketcap is shown as a dash, as is the P/E and div yield. Fair dos, there’s probably not a P/E on a bond ETF, but they do have div yields sometimes. Similarly, Google QQQ (SPY finds things like James Bond) and it gives a div yield and m/cap but no P/E. Yet QQQ is all shares, there is therefore a P/E (it’s 19.21).

However, they show QQQ’s div at 1%, whereas YCI (not free sadly) say 0.78%.

I have found a firm SheetsMarketData which is $5/pm, I am going to do their trial to see fif their data’s any better.

I didn’t realise SLXX is bonds, I should have checked. That makes a bit of sense as to why they don’t show market cap. Thanks!

Odd that SLXX has a market cap. Not sure if it’s a closed end fund (which FT say they don’t do). If it’s an open-ended fund, any m/cap figure is meaningless, as every buy or sell changes the figure.