Ultra small cap stocks on standard Freetrade

As part of my investment strategy, I’m wanting to buy a monthly amount of shares in ultra small cap companies. Ideally, these would be in sectors with high growth potential - tech, pharma, bio etc. Market cap maybe 50-100m. Happy for US or UK stocks.
Searching for individual companies can be frustrating as they may not be listed, or are behind the paywall. Is there a resource of shares by market cap available on Freetrade, or can anyone suggest any ones worth researching?

I would recommend Genuine Impact:

Not only do they have a great product overall, you can choose by cap size, view gold holdings in that sector, or compare stocks.

Thanks for the reply. To clarify though, I’m more interested in discovering what’s available on Freetrade first. Nothing worse than finding a company that you really like the look of and getting the ‘oh snap no results’ message.

@fivegoldstars You can filter by universe so only show what’s on Freetrade :wink:


Ah, in that case, awesome. Will take a closer look later. Thanks.

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Freetrade or Drivewealth have a limit of about $1bn for US stocks.

Hi, @jasejase, I don’t see Freetrade Universe in my app. How do you browse “Stocks”. Also I noticed my view is bit different than yours. I have following options in the bottom:

Note: I’m based in UK

@rac if you click Discover, it should give you the option there. Let me know if not :wink:

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I really couldn’t get Genuine impact to work for me, I just struggled to get it with my smooth brain

That’s a shame. I really enjoy it and find I use it more and more.

@jasejase Had a play with the app last night. Probably need a bit more time with it to fully appreciate it. Shame it doesn’t seem to differentiate between Freetrade and Freetrade plus. Still, found a couple of companies to look at and bought into CEY this morning on the back of it.

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Brilliant @fivegoldstars - Their community is the best place to request they separate Plus and non-plus - Here is a link:


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