Smarterly "helping people save and invest direct from payroll"


Nice idea, this reminds me a bit of a similar company Thrive in Canada, who have a slightly more built out service.

I particularly like this idea if employers (at least partly) match contributions. This seems like one of the better ways to enable investing / saving before the user even sees the money.

Those fees tho :eyes:

Does anyone know of any similar companies in the UK?


Concept is good and they seem to be executing well. Fees are a bit high but Freetrade has made me very bias!

Would I use the service, no. But anything that encourages people to save is a good idea.

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I thought this as well but then I saw their fee drops by 50% for people coming via their company payroll, and that discount is then valid for the life of the account.

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Currently raising round 2 on Seedrs, seems they now have the team and partnerships to execute, curious to know what potential investors here think of Smarterly