So you've made millions

Sunday morning ponderance…

You have made millions, everything you set out to achieve has come to pass.

The simple question is…do you keep investing?

Yes - I’m in too deep to walk away - it’s a lifestyle.

No - I would pack up my portfolio and split

Or something else…

What are you going to do?


You shove everything into a Dividend Stocks and live off the Dividend

That remind me that Freetrade should create a feature that transfer Dividend to a Bank Account instead


Good idea on the feature for FT.

What about the captial though, in our dream scenario? Are you going to leave it all there for your heirs? You dont fancy a yatch or anything? You’ve earned it…your heirs haven’t :rofl:

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I think I would be tempted to cash in and enjoy my fortune.

Maybe keep 10% in my investment account for a little hobby…it can be fun afterall :rofl:

And watch your capital disappear.
A bit of both is the way you never know when you might need the money

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Hargreaves Lansdowne has that option but like a lot of brockers it is not paid the day it’s received but on certain days of the month.
As freetrade tell you when you have received income it’s hardly a big deal to transfer it yourself.
A better option is to get them to use fast pay as opposed slowwww pay!


Cant wait for that to happen! But iwould keep growing it… i want for future generations to keep passing on and keep it growing that way it would get to a point it makes the family secure and living comfortably! Depends on how greedy future generations would be… i would have to be invited to agms via some seance or haunt for ruining the fund😆


Sounds like a script for Chevy Chase :rofl:

Go crowdfund it :rofl:

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What do you mean “investing” as a lifestyle?

Everything everyone does is “investing”. Even keeping cash is investing, in a way. I would certainly change my assets allocation if I reached a certain critical sum of money - if my lifestyle costs £X per month, I’d want to invest in a safe asset that essentially guarantees £X per month revenue, plus a fixed %.

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An annuity of sorts or a fixed term savings plan would be a prudent move.

My lifestyle remark was regarding those that enjoy the research, the challenge etc and would perhaps choose never to give that up completely.

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Ah, yes, I see. My late grandfather had a gambling budget, because he enjoyed it. But it wasn’t part of his financial plans, if you get what I mean.

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I would carry on investing as this is my enjoyment it give me lots of pleasure doing it.


Same, much as I have limited funds and dont plan on losing any, I do enjoy the whole process.

And I did previously gamble too much and now, since investing, I dont do that at all :slightly_smiling_face:

Would keep investing to help fill my days


I think it would be a habit most wouldn’t want to break completely :+1:


Gotta keep investing to keep up with inflation. The system is designed so that nobody can ever switch off completely. That is unless you are an unemployed member of the royal family. They get an increased taxpayer subsidy every year no matter what.


Inflation is always an issue, but even at the current high rates, if you have comfortably more than you can spend in a life time you could choose to just spend it more than invest.

I have a feeling I will never experience that personally though :rofl:

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While on holiday listening to music on a Croatian beach. I was watching the market now and again. I though i could do this for the rest of my life.


Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face::+1: