Sofi Technologies Inc - SOFI

This is a fintech company that offers consumer-focused products to help with borrowing, saving, spending, investing and protecting money.

So fellow investors , are we looking for SoFi to be brought by a whale or holding out to grow to be a whale ourselves?

I love what this company stands for but I always get nervous if I can’t use the products of a company I invest in. How do we know it’s any good ?

It’s Chamath so it’ll be a bumpy ride but I love what he’s aiming for taking on the current brokers.

Interesting YouTuber going into detail on SoFi and the trading mechanics on the share.

Looks like we’re getting a lot of share price manipulation at the minute.

Wall street bullying main street as normal…

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Hi revoult are worth £24 billion what is SoFi worth!!!???


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Sofi looking squanchy in premarket :raised_hands:

Jefferies sets price target at $25

Who is Jeffrey’s :thinking:

Investment Bank

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Edit: false alarm. This is from 2021 and a conditional approval.

Bank charter has been approved according to this article. Look at the list of applications in the image about half way down. Bullish.

I know it’s volatile and will probably go down before the market opens but premarket is up 3.5%

Really hoping this closes above $17.50!

You got your wish

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Now I wish FT would show the actual closing price in the app :joy_cat:

Just the app find that is great of price action.

Yeah I use that but I haven’t entered my positions. I just use it to track the movements of all the companies I’m invested in at a glance. It’s a bit clunky but really great and love updates on everything I follow.

It seems to me that there is already a President appointed to the SOFI bank ( ), so I believe it won’t be long before the approval of the bank charter happens. I assume in October, if it follows the 1-year protocol for approval, as happened with Square.


Market not liking this. Not sure why.

$20 today :crossed_fingers: