Sofi Technologies Inc - SOFI

Great time to buy here as well. $10.29!

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I bought in @ $15.81 are we expecting it to stop falling :thinking:

Short-term pain due to market events and dilution, but good chances of going higher in the long run imo. In your place I would review my research to confirm my convictions and maybe apply an average down strategy.

100% agree. Affirm had a much higher (over-inflated it seems) valuation and they were only focused on a small part of what SoFi do. $SQ at this current price is another interesting one to look at if you are interesting in US finance stocks.

What catches my attention is how poorly placed the Sofi app is in the Apple and Google store rankings. I hope this changes with the new product/service offerings and more affordable rates that the banking charter will provide over time. On the other hand, Chime has a much more interesting position, even though its product offering is limited in relation to Sofi.

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Smashed the ER by the looks of it. Congratz fellow SoFi investors. Let’s get back to the mid-20s now shall we.

Wild. I’m down crazy tho.


100%. I got some cheap ass options on ibkr just as a test and I’m up like 300%. Wild

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Softbank has (supposedly) taken a 10% position in SoFi:

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More positions increased: MarketBeat: Stock Market News and Research Tools

How is everyone’s sofi holding doing? Has anyone taken advantage of the recent dips?

While a loss, the earnings reported were better than expected. Does seem to be some things to be aware of and watch out for though.

Decent increase since I bought some shares in October.