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Would love to see this too

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I’ve been checking and rechecking the freetrade app to see if this stock has been added, for a few months now - it hasn’t.
Really wish it was though, I like the company.

Still waiting, even as the stock price rises :upside_down_face:

…still waiting :crossed_fingers:t2:

BBC News - Sonos speaker update sparks anger

Another significant piece of news recently is that they’re suing Google.

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Could I suggest the Sonos (SONO) stock please. Great company and recently partnered with Ikea, potential for big gains!

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While these acquisition articles are usually just journalists’ fantasies, interesting data tidbit about Sonos:

According to Sonos, its customers listened to 7.7 billion hours of audio last year, up 29% from the year before, a committed, loyal following that emulates Apple’s own customer base.

Job cuts at Sonos. But surely, everyone is staying in more, watching more TV, listening to more music?

It doesn’t help that they’re losing their “old” customers hand over fist. It wasn’t just 2015 hardware that has stop being supported but at least 2016 as well.

I get that technology moves on but failing to support your loyal customer base rarely ends well.

I think I’m correct in saying Sonos components are used heavily in Ikea’s basic wireless systems. So with the closure of all Ikeas there would be a huge drop in orders, as well as the premium Sonos units you find in John Lewis

Like how they’ve decided to put their customers who don’t have the newest 2020 hardware onto a version of the app that’s deliberately uglier and worse than the new one.

Ikea is a small part of Sonos. Just the Symfonisk range: 2 speakers.

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