Space ETFs or more individual shares for space industry

Hello all, firstly I am a total noobie in the investment world and slowly learning the ropes so I do apologise if this has already been done or covered. Myself and a friend ( who invited me to join freetrade) would be interested in more of the space sector companies, I have noticed FREETRADE have a couple of companies but not that many, I also for the time being as I get used to investing, am only investing in the small figures. Will FREETRADE be getting more space sector companies in the future? And if so rough time span? Again apologies if I have done this wrong or put it in the wrong category. Cheers all

No need to apologise, have a play around with the forum. Tip: the search bar will help you find many things with key words e.g. check this thread out :rocket::


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I did see that, it was good to see a comprehensive list of companies and I have seen some of them on freetrade, but a most are not. I did see about the UFO ETF? not being allowed due to legal issues ( although having the UFO would be really nice ). Ideally what I would like are the small independent up and coming companies on freetrade, get them when there just starting up and hope for them to make it big. Is there any plans for freetrade to add more from that list?

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Highly unlikely for the foreseeable future considering the criteria (market cap & liquidity play a big role) for adding new stocks:

Depending on how early stage you’re seeking, you may want to also look out for some suitable ventures in the crowdfunding market