Morningstar - https://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/etf/snapshot/snapshot.aspx?id=0P0000VNTN

SSGA - https://www.ssga.com/uk/en_gb/intermediary/etfs/funds/spdr-ftse-uk-all-share-ucits-etf-acc-spyf-gy

This is a fantastic ETF that tracks/replicates the FTSE all share index, just look at the holdings!!
FTAL = accumulating (my preference)
FTAD = distributing

If you like the look of this please vote! There are two more requests I have, if you can find them and like the look of them too, please vote for them also!

Hey Mani,

You can currently buy this ETF on Freetrade - search in the Discover section for £FTAL.

I agree with you btw, it’s a great ETF to own!

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Thanks for pointing that out… I could’ve sworn it wasn’t there when I was checking through a small list earlier today… no worries, there’s a few more I’ll request that definitely aren’t available. We need more ETFs on Freetrade.

Here are the other two I’ve requested if you’re interested:

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