Spreadsheet or app

What do you use to record your shares and share dealings? An app or your own spreadsheet?

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Unfortunately the app doesn’t give me all the information I need so I have to keep a spreadsheet as well. For example, dividend history and ex-dividend dates.

it is hard to know what to keep on a spreed sheet and takes a long time to fill in all the details

I track my portfolio on excel (laptop) and stockevents (phone app).

Stockevents is good, you can track your entire portfolio on there and it creates a calendar list of upcoming events (earning history, ex-dividend, dividend payments and how much to expect based on shares etc etc).

Stockevents is free. Only downside is you can only add a certain amount of stocks into your portfolio. I got around this though by recommending friends download the app (+5 stocks per recommendation). Friends just need to download the app through your referral and then they can delete.

I use Excel for recording my buys and sells…

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I use Googlesheets.


I still maintain a spreadsheet which originally was used to provide some high level stats on my portfolio but it’s purpose these days is more so to record Order ID’s and transaction details should any of my brokers have an IT disaster!

I track all my shares in SimplyWallSt, as this keeps track of dividend income. Once a month I export it to CSV and link it to a dashboard spreadsheet I created, for real in depth info.

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