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+1. Please add SRAC. Merging with in-space transportation and infrastructure company Momentus.

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No need to be rude :joy: A simple mention would suffice :+1: If wrong an error is understanable with 70 odd new added today.

And to be fair a quick google does actually bring up the below :joy:

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Its been tagged with healthcare tags as well. Wonder if that was to do with the cannabis misinformation?

I sold out of SRAC a while ago but some big news today:

Still probably the riskiest space SPAC by far. Good luck to holders.

The board considered the following factors:

The risks with respect to Momentus’ technology, including the fact that the technology underlying its anticipated service offerings (including its water plasma propulsion technology) is still in the process of being developed and has not been fully tested or validated in space and may never have the capabilities or functionality in space that Momentus currently expects.

The reduction in Momentus’ backlog from $90 million as of November 1, 2020 to $66 million as of June 11, 2021.

The uncertainty with respect to the outcome of the investigation by the Division of Enforcement of the SEC.