Standardisation for stock requests

Would it be possible to see some sort of template for stock requests?

It would make it easier for someone like myself to investigate interesting suggested companies, without eating up loads of time.

I was thinking basic info in a template, that would help with browsing requests!

Let me know what you guys think!:slight_smile:
Happy investing !

You have a point. I have seen some requests with the scantest of detail, a template could have a reason for wanting or basic info section.

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Already exists. Just gets ignored.

I can be harsher if you want close all stock requests without an adequate description, user can DM me when they’ve added and I’ll relist?

Just depends how people want to do it, I’m happy to do whatever.


Or a central spreadsheet might be better so everything could be categorised?


I agree with this and we’ve been discussing it.

In a central spreadsheet, you’d see all the requests the community made, votes / you could vote directly in the spreadsheet, and we could link out to the thread and further information.

It could be a good tool for the community to jointly manage and influence what gets into the upcoming batches that will re-start later this quarter with the first 250 US stocks.



I think that sounds look a good idea. At the moment I am constantly seeing threads being started when they already exist etc. it would slim all of that down.


This will continue to happen no matter what. But thumbs up for the idea

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I’m ok with doing either.

I’ve been merging and binning off all the duplicate threads as we go. We still need them as they act as a discussion point once the stock is added.


Ye agree something better could be done. A name of a company is in no way sufficient, sometimes not even the ticker or the exchange is listed. To be honest my biggest annoyance with the requests is people creating stock requests and not voting for their own request. It hurts my head to think what’s going on in their minds haha


It would be a improvement over what exists right now.

Although, I still think it needs to be in the app, or tied in with the app somehow. As there will only ever be a subset of the total users of the app on the forum.

Another thing. If you search say “SPCE” in the app you get irrelevant results with no indication that you can request or vote on stocks. That message about more stocks coming etc only shows when your search query returns no results, for example typing “Galactic”. In a way this also feels a bit hidden. Could you not have something like Display frozen stocks in app? Or maybe even a generic entry which like ‘none of these’ that links to a request form?

Whatever the case, just wanted to add that I appreciate you will have many priorities so you cannot do everything right now…so file away for another day.


It’s a good shout @saf, we’d love to integrate the app and the forum even more, in addition to improving the overall stock requests process.

We do check what people are searching for every week on the app, especially those with no responses.

But an in-built ‘We don’t have that yet, but you can vote here’ would be very cool.

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