Stanley Gibbons SGI

This company is the world’s longest serving stamp merchant. It also produces albums, publications and accessories for collectors.

Being a philatelist, I’ve finally dipped my toe into what is the world’s most famous stamp dealer. Ok, they’ve had their ups and downs, but they seem to eventually getting to grips with the modern world.

Not only did they recently buy the world’s most expensive stamp, the British Guyana 1cent magenta, for about £6million or so, but they have put it up for fractional ownership. To me fractional ownerships of big money items is just in it’s infancy, and they have teamed up with Showpiece to sell the stamp in 80,000 pieces at £100 a pop. I’ve bought a few pieces, mainly to say I own part of the world’s most expensive stamp.

This is only the first offering by Showpiece, and they are looking to offer other rarities from the art world and beyond in the future.

I’m not saying I’m going to be rich backing SG and fractionals, but to me it’s worth a small punt, just for the giggles and prestige if anything.

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