International paper share certificates Non EU or US


I’m a free trade user and would like to find out some advice or experience if anyone here has it.

An elderly relative has moved to the UK, is now a UK citizen and has South African share certificates, stamped non resident, as he lived in Zimbabwe all his life. He has the certificates.

My husband is starting the process to help him sell these. Companies are listed on the JSE.

Two companies seem recommended from some Internet searching.

Does anyone have experience of doing this in their families?


I have experience of doing this with family and its partly what I do in my job.

Do you have any particular questions that would be helpful having addressed?

Hi thank you for your reply!

I’m wondering is it possible to sell these share certificates from the UK.
I’m wondering can they be dematetialised from the UK.
Would he be able to keep them if he chose in electronic form.
Can he change dividends to pay to his UK account.
If we find a company we will consider the cost/fees and practicalities of dealing with the international aspect of legal, currency and tax.

Lots of research to do. Plan will probably get a company to help with financial advice around it. It’s so helpful to see others experience but not seen much online other than a helpful article on International Investor.

I know you may not want to or be able to answer questions but just nice to get anecdotal experience of a similar situation from others. We are looking at contacting Redmayne Bentley.

Well firstly it depends on the companies he is invested in and whether the registrars that deal with them have good UK or international operations.

Most registrars are encouraging people to swap their paper certificates for electronic form due to the costs, so I doubt that would be a problem.

It may be the case that some investments are more difficult to manage and will be more trouble than their worth, so I suggest speaking to each companies registrar and they will be more than happy to assist and give you options.

On the other hand a stockbroker could simplify things and hold investments for you, but this will likely be more costly than holding them yourself. Anyone can offer guidance, but you should consider seeking financial advice from a FCA regulated organisation.

Thanks. Solid advice. There is paperwork for computershare and link market services so looking into those next. Cheers.