Paper cert. by post how to transfer here?

Got a paper cert. of shares by post how can i transfer it on my GIA acc ?

Freetrade doesn’t manage paper shares, you’ll need to go to someone who does if you wish to convert them to electronic shares (you will have to eventually, share certificates are being phased out). Many companies charge a fee for this keep in mind.


Shame Freetrade don’t do it, would be easy money for them if they charged £10 a stock deposit, most brokers won’t do it for less than £20. I used to do CREST stock deposits in a previous job, takes less than 2 mins to enter the details into the CREST GUI, write the reference on the deposit form and then send off then share cert and form to the depositary to complete the transaction. It might have changed a bit since I did it 15 years ago though!


Has anyone got any recommendations for the best/cheapest way to do this ie convert paper share certificates into online holdings?


Do full research but Google gives examples

Change paper shares to electronic shares — MoneySavingExpert Forum for example Qaziar mentions Halifax and crest system mentioned above.

I wondered about this as new to this, but mine was how you take shares out if you needed to for some reason but not looked yet.

Barclays is free I think