Transferring stock held by US transfer agent to UK

Hi all :wave:,

I’ll just cut to it! Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. I’m a UK citizen and I received some shares from a company I used to work for (the company exited). However these shares are held by a transfer agent who is in the US. My question was, how can I transfer these shares to the UK so that I may sell them? Who are the UK based brokers who would help me with DSR, or any other form of transfer. I’m quite uneducated in the topic so apologies if I say anything clearly incorrect.

Best regards, Luis

Hi Luis

If you email someone on the team will be able to advise you whether we are able to help. In theory these should be transferable in DTC (where all US listed shares are held) but the team will be able to help further.


Hi Alex,
Thank you for the super fast reply!
Will email them ASAP.
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