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Same for me ! There is a Chinese company which is a hot prospect!


Is Primark likely to be available as a seperate stock, or are they just covered by ABF?

They’re part of ABF so they’re not available to invest in separately.

Now with the introduction of 5G, I would like to see Skyworks stock added to FT :slight_smile:


Dear Freetrade. Can I ask for Gazprom (LSE:OGZD) because of these reasons, please.

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Please add ENB Enbridge.

You should definitely add Limit Buy Feature. Thanks!

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Not a stock as such. I was unable to see where I would put this so I’ll put it here…

I would like to see Developing Markets represented more on FT. Particularly Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia

I would like to put in a request for Costco (Cost) and BAE systems (BA).


The problem with BAE is the single foreign person share declaration (so whether you are classed as foreign or not according to BAE and that you do not want to own more than 15% of the total shares if you are) that you need to give when you buy shares. Freetrade isn’t in the position to enable you to make that declaration yet.


Thank you for clearing that up @Chapuys , I can see why it would be a tricky one, tho it makes sense.

Hi Alex! Could I recommend adding some Real estate focused stocks to the universe please? Would be really interested to see INTU and Hammerson. Both trading up to 85% discount of NAV. #realestate

Hey @gerald – stay tuned for some news on REITs. Also, you can create new topics in ! #stock-requests for individual stocks if you’re keen to get some more support for them :pray:


Hi Freetrade Team,

With the world markets seemingly about to implode is it possible that we start to add some inverse or ‘short’ ETF’s?



@Yeah 100% with you, I just created my account to make the same request :slight_smile:

I would really like to see Realty Income REIT ticker $O and also Lowe’s Companies ticker $LOW

These are two stocks I really want to invest in and have done ever since joining FT.

Would love to see these available!


Hey, there will be some new ETFs added in the next few weeks, stay tuned!


Would love to see Equinix REIT, Hubspot, Illumina, Mercadolibre, Mongo DB and The Trade Desk added specifically as they’re things I don’t want to sell but want to transfer my ISA across!

Please can we get esports ETFs. This will be a huge growth sector. The vaneck ESPO etf for example

Can you add BAE Systems (LSE:BA.) please?