Stocks and shares ISA profits

Anyone know when profits get added to a stocks and shares ISA?

Not sure I understand the question.

The share price is updated constantly during market open times.

Dividends are added when paid by the stock (within a week or so) and any cash held is paid interest monthly.

You might need to explain more if that doesn’t help.

I’ve been wondering the same thing :laughing:

If you mean interest on cash balances, it’s about the middle of each month.


I get it now, some time ago I put a considerable amount of cash in a stocks and shares ISA account believing I had invested in a managed fund but I see now that I have to now buy stocks and shares with it myself. What I am now wondering is what is the difference between a stocks and shares ISA account and an ordinary Freetrade account?

The stocks you buy in an ISA are exempt from capital gains tax or dividend tax.

So for example if you make more than £6000 profit you don’t need to pay tax on it, where in a normal account you would.

The capital gains allowance has been drastically reduced recently so ISA is more important if you think you might make £6K + or if you buy a lot of dividend stocks


Thanks Dave.