StopLoss - Value or Percentage?

Sorry for the newbie question but wondering if someone could answer this for me in regards to a stop loss?

Stock A = £100

If I put in a stop loss of £90 so it sells at -10%, will it always sell at the £90 marker or will it sell if the loss is -10%?

What I mean by this is that if Stock A goes up to £120 but my stop loss is for £90 (-10%) will the stock be sold if it goes from £120 to £108 (10% loss) or will it only sell when it hits £90?

I have Freetrade+ and was just wondering whether you would need to keep updating the stop loss if the stock price got higher or whether it worked off the percentage of loss?

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Hi @kiemcc21 thanks for the question.

When you set a stop loss on Freetrade plus it is a fixed £/$ amount not a percentage. A stop loss that is a certain % behind is called a trailing stop loss

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