Kind of a general request I guess but I’d love free trade to get us instant access to new IPO’s.

Stripe is going to be coming soon and as someone who runs an e-commerce agency I know for a fact that Stripe is dominating the traditional payment gateways. It’s now the go to provider for all ecomm platforms including Shopify. Therefore I want to jump on this stock as soon as it’s available.

I thought stripe had no plans at all to IPO?

That’s what they were saying towards to the start of the year :pensive:

As for an IPO, Collison said the company has “no plans” to go public right away.

“We’re very happy as a private company,” Collison said in a phone interview. “We’re quite early in this opportunity.”


Despite the late stage Series G round, co-founder John Collison told CNBC that Stripe was “still very much in the early stages” of expansion — especially internationally. Stripe recently expanded into eight new countries. Collison also said Stripe has seen increased demand from larger customers like Uber and Amazon. It announced the RealReal, Twilio, Wayfair and Airbnb as new customers Thursday.

Stripe Cuts Internal Valuation by 28% (from $95B to $74B)

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And that’s their internal valuation, wait until they need to raise more money and the markets will decide. My guess is it’ll be lower and they’re preparing their staff with large RSO’s

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Hilarious for all the staff that joined in the past year with all the stock compensation.