Strowz - how's it doing?

Been some time since the Strowz / Marketsflow raise on seedrs. I can’t see too many updates, is anyone following?

Bump, can’t even find them on seedrs secondary market now. Any ideas?

I think another one I dodged a bullet cancelled my investment at the last minute,when I say another one,if anyone is interested the other one was GeoDB

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I think it’s not doing much. Sadly (since I invested), I expect this one to fold now at some point, though they did mention a secondary shares market later this year I think. They pivoted from a more technical product and tried to go after consumers in a crowded marketplace.

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They also raised on Crowdcube,could be interesting investigating their journey?? Nudge!Nudge!Wink!Wink!

What journey? They’re done.

It say action to strike off has been discontinued on companies house. Does that mean they have a reprieve