Suggest US stocks descriptions

Strange sense of deja vu…

No polls this time please :cold_sweat:


My honest reaction when reading the blog post (no logos) was to double-take. That shouldn’t happen.

In this case probably because it’s a bit of a mixed joke. It combines joking about the company (“they’re expensive!”), and a pun on the company’s name. To end up with something that makes no sense.

It’s not clear and accurate about the company, and it’s not even a clear joke :sweat_smile:

Given that everyone using Freetrade has to be on an iPhone I highly doubt they would see ‘Apple’, and the logo (on the back of all their devices), then still assume it it was a greengrocer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I personally dont think that those “funny” descriptions are the place for a stock broker.If you want to attract people to actually put their net worth on your platform thats not the way to go.
If you want to attract teenagers to put their leftover 50 quid after a night out you are on the right way.
For me no description is better than these descriptions but thats just my opinion.
And if you start growing as a platform you open yourself to a ton of lawsuits , but as I said thats just my view.


I’m not attached to descriptions even though I wrote this, or perhaps borrowed it, hard to say where thoughts come from :wink: My point is, I can see a case for either conservative or liberal descriptions, both can be problematic.

Such is life.

I don’t think this debate needs to happen again. Adam has already made his thoughts known.
There was a decisive vote around the BT description. Let’s just leave freetrade to do business as they like.

I dislike the Daily Mail and their views on many things. I don’t sit on their comments trying to change them. I just don’t give them money.


The BT description is a true statement. BT offer slow internet. (They also offer fast internet.)
So it is both true and funny.

Freetrade’s stated way of doing business in the way that they like is to first and foremost give “clear, accurate information”.

I don’t believe it’s unreasonable to demand that they stick to their own principles.

Given all the possible funny things you could say about Apple, why not pick one that is also a true statement?

If you can’t hold to that these things become a meaningless mess.

By that same convention, wouldn’t people who feel the same about Freetrade not give them money and therefore reduce the potential of the business?

Jokes don’t need to follow a single format.

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I didn’t make a comment about what jokes need to do. I made an argument that Freetrade should follow their principles. Do you disagree?

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Just looking at it from another perspective. Every broker gives serious descriptions without causing smiles on people’s faces and they work just fine.

If Freetrade follows its unique road (whether it will be rough or smooth), it will attract all of those who find such descriptions appealing, simply because Freetrade is the only broker that has them. If it did not, then it would have been in line with all others who do not, hence no additional attention dragging.

On a serious note, of course, no one will make rational investment decisions based on stock descriptions, no matter how humorous and “not-serious” they are. And those teenagers with £50 @Geo0rgi referred to are quite likely to develop their careers and may stick to the broker that brought them into investing, hence it looks like more of a long-term relationship building rather than a quick catch-the-wider-market plan :slight_smile:




I’d say it’s probably worth mentioning AMD provides hardware for the Playstation and Xbox consoles.

McDonalds - White House Banquets


Just to give some context :joy:



Surprised they need their coats on inside with the amount of heat those candles are giving off

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