Surface Transforms SCE

Could we consider Surface Transforms please?

One of only two suppliers of Carbon Ceramic Brake disks (the other is brembo)

  • SCE have a superior performing product
  • Based in UK but wioth clear ambition to expand to further manufacturing facilities
  • Big oversubscribed fund raise recently to invest in kit to meet orders
  • forecasted huge jump in revenue in next few years

TAM is huge especially with Electric Vehicles (lightweight, non corroding, more powerful braking (so can use smaller lighter brakes)

Sell for a few hundred pound apiece but seriously priced up by OEMs think Porsche PCCB brakes £££££

Surface Transforms is a manufacturer of next-generation carbon ceramic brake discs for the automotive and aircraft industries. We also manufacture and sell brake upgrade kits for car owners.

Surface Transforms are experts in the development and production of carbon-ceramic materials and the UK’s only manufacturer of carbon-ceramic brakes for automotive use. ST utilises our proprietary next-generation carbon-ceramic material - CCST - to create lightweight brake discs for high-performance applications, including automotive and aircraft brakes. Surface Transforms has extensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, including the facilities for manufacturing carbon-ceramic brake discs.

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