Symphony Environmental - SYM

(Toni Gorodnicenko) #1

This is an AIM stock. I would love :heart: to see it in Freetrade app :sun_with_face:

SYM - Sympathy Environmental

Brill Toni thanks for putting this on - currently got mine on with another application but we need to see it here in Freetrade- bio degradable plastic!!!
DYOR of course!

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(Emma) #3

Any links or info on this? The reply looks like it’s something I’d be interested in but can’t vote for something if there’s no details other than a name


Symphony Environmental is a world leader in the development of additives to make ordinary plastic biodegradable and protective technologies to enhance plastic products.


Hope this helps. DYOR though!!!


This is awesome - just voted - what a material difference it could have to our planet! Pun very much intended.

Freetrade please get this on the platform. Share price is cheap could be a great long term hold.


SYM has nearly doubled in value since it’s been on the stock requests…please Freetrade put it on so we can buy this while the price is still low and it’s an ethical ‘green’ product.